1. Read the DSTC Parent Code of Conduct
  2. Read the DSTC Athlete Code of Conduct
  3. Read the DSTC Media Consent Form
  4. Read the DSTC Athlete Participation Release
  5. Complete the DSTC Athlete Information SheetTurn in to the DSTC Staff Desk...PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL!
  6. Birth Certificate: Submit a photocopy of your athletes birth certificate
  7. Pay Registration Fee: 
  • Onsite Payment ONLY: See Sharmel Dozier/Director of Administration with Credit/Debit/Money Order only during the practice Monday or Tuesday between 6:30 pm-7:30pm.


                Accepted methods of payment: 

             Cash/Money Order/Credit Card/Debit Card          

             Visa; Master Card; Discover; American Express credit/debit cards

 *SQUARE credit card processing fee of 2.75% applies for credit card payments

*In the event of a Charge-back or Insufficient Funds, a $25 NSF Fee will apply


REGISTRATION IS COMPLETE once you have completed the above steps and submitted your completed documents and payment to DSTC Staff during practice hours.

  • Your athlete will be added to the official team roster
  • Your athletes uniform will be ordered if not in stock
  • The GroupMe contact #'s provided on your athletes Athlete Information Sheet will be added to the team GroupMe to receive team communications for the current season


                                PRACTICE START DATE: 03-18-2019 at 6 pm.


CONSENT/WAIVER NOTIFICATION:By completing the registration process, it is assumed parents and athletes have read and agree to the required terms and conditions as outlined in the REQUIRED STEPS documents (Steps 1-4) above.  Registration Fee must be paid in full to be considered an official DSTC team member. 

Want to become a proud member of the DESOTO SWIFT FAMILY?

The DESOTO SWIFT TRACK CLUB is open to youth athletes ages 6 to 18.  Registration for the 2019 summer track season opens March 4th, 2019!!!  Interested individuals must complete the steps listed under WHAT YOU NEED TO DO and then join the team for practice at DESOTO EAST JR. HIGH SCHOOL located at  601 e Beltline Road, Desoto, TX, U.S. during the standard practice hours of Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday beginning at 6p.

Registration for the age divisions 12 and under may be subject to a cut-off to ensure an appropriate coach/athlete ratio.  Please make sure you complete the registration process as soon as possible.  Once the age division is full, no additional participants will be allowed until the following season.


Registration fee per athlete:

  • $250: For New & Returning athletes in need of a new uniform. Includes 3-piece team uniform (top, short bottoms, & long tights) team t-shirt, AAU Membership,and administration fees.

         -Throwers (only) may opt to select loose-fit uniforms and warm-up pants                         in place of long tights--must specify upon registration.

​            - Uniforms required for all athletes

            - Additional fees may apply pending city requirements.

  • $125: For returning athletes (no uniform needed).  Includes team t-shirt, AAU Membership, and administration fees.

Registration fee payment may be split into two separate payments.  If a uniform is needed, the first payment of $125 must be paid upon registration to order/reserve the required team uniform. Final payment is due before the first track meet.

Athletes participating in school track may begin practice after completing the school track season; however those athletes should register in order to secure a spot on the team and avoid late registration fees. It is recommended that athletes in age groups 12 and under complete registration and fee payment as soon as possible, as those groups are subject to be closed off to new registration


Standard practice days are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, beginning at 6 pm for athletes ages 12 and under and 7 pm for athletes ages 13 and up.  Practice may be extended to other days of the week as necessary.  Notification will be provided. 

***Until High School track season concludes, athletes of all ages not participating in school track will practice starting at 6p.


Desoto East Jr. High School (Track)

601 E. Beltline Road, DeSoto, TX, U.S.


Track meets for the Summer 2019 season kick-off on approximately mid-April. Meets are primarily held each Saturday at venues within the DFW metroplex.  National Championship meets require travel.  

  • wHAT YOU NEED TO know


Registration open each Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 6p-7p!



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Refunds for paid registration fees may be provided granted funds have not been distributed. Once uniforms have been ordered, no refund will be provided.  The athlete will receive his/her uniform upon delivery.  If there is a need for the uniform, the team may elect to purchase the uniform at that time.  Any other unused funds may be refunded with the exception of the $25 admin fee.

NO REFUNDS for the following:

-$30 Administration Fee 

-Optional Items: Unless defective or not available
-Pre-registered/pre-planned/pre-paid activities, events, etc.

-Code of Conduct Violations: No refunds will be provided in the case participants are dismissed due to misconduct per Parent/Athlete Code of Conduct.


The first planned SWIFT FAMILY EVENT will be a Kick-off picnic for registered athletes.

Stay tuned for more details!

Upcoming Parent Meeting information & Registration:  Monday March 4th, 2019, Desoto Town Center, Pecan II & III, 6:30 pm-8:30 pm

Additional Information: